About Karen

Hey there ladies, gents, everyone in between and everyone beyond —

I’m Karen.

I’m a nonbinary (she/her/hers), queer, intersectional feminist English PhD who loves cats, patterned blazers and expensive shoes.

I also love program administration, teaching, writing centers, and working with students. Some jobs are more than jobs — they’re callings. I feel like that about the work I’m lucky enough to do.

If you’re here for just the facts:

Where do I work?:

  • I’m an Associate Director of the Writing Center at Michigan State University, where I also teach graduate courses in Rhetoric and Writing and undergraduate courses in Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures.
  • I used to work at Penn State University (University Park Campus) as the Coordinator of the Undergraduate Writing Center, and I also taught courses in English, Curriculum and Instruction, and Women’s Studies.

Where’d I go to school?

  • I hold a BA in English and Minors in History and WGSS from Penn State University.
  • I hold both an MA and a PhD in Critical Theory from Binghamton University.

Field service work, etc.

  • I’m the Managing Editor of The Peer Review Journal.
  • I’m a Series Editor for WAC Clearinghouse.
  • I’m on the Accessibility and Social Justice task forces for IWCA.
  • I’m on the Accessibility Committee for the Online Writing Center Association.