Below, you’ll see links to the syllabi and materials for courses I’ve recently taught. These links are each password protected; if you would like to view a course, email me at moroskik@msu.edu.

Writing Centers & Access

This course, designed for grad students, is an Advanced Topics in Writing Center Studies Course centering on disability and accessibility in Writing Center work.

An Introduction to Radical Writing Center Work

This course is intended for undergraduates and focuses on both fundamental writing center practices and the anti-racist, anti-oppressive scholarship that moves the field forward.

Writing Center Administration

This course, designed for grad students, focuses on programmatic mission, strategic planning, and navigating institutional policies and documents.

First-Year Composition

This course, designed for first year students, provides an introduction to civic engagement and identity development through writing.

Queerness and Memory

This course can be taught at the graduate or undergraduate level, and focuses on the intersections of affective neuroscience, trauma, and memoirs.

Training Learning Center Consultants

This course, designed for undergraduate students, provides an overview of peer to peer academic support and collaborative learning — ideal for training learning center tutors.

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