What I’ve Been Up To

Well, Covid19 has put a wrench in spring and summer traveling and has changed some major things in my life — personally and professionally! I’ll just list things out instead or writing paragraphs.

In Spring 2020, I…

  • Taught a grad course on writing center administration and theory
  • Continued working on my book proposal for MLA
  • Applied for the MSU Engaged Pedagogy and Programming Grant
  • Presented on WCs and prison writing programming at ECWCA
  • Got married!
    • We couldn’t have the wedding we’d hoped for with all our family and friends, but we had a totally beautiful wedding, just us two, in our backyard. Now, I’m Dr. Moroski-Rigney!
  • Was named Interim Director of Projects and Education for The Writing Center at MSU, since our Director — the inimitable Trixie Long Smith — is on sabbatical.

In Summer 2020, I…

  • Was selected as Managing Editor of The Peer Review Journal
  • Was named Series Editor of Practices and Possibilities for WAC Clearinghouse
  • Found out that I was awarded the  Engaged Pedagogy and Programming Grant
    • This means we can fun a speaker series at MSU centered on writing centers, disability, and access — very exciting!
  • Am planning my fall course on Writing Centers and Accessibility
    • I’m planning the course as though it’ll be wholly online, since I bet it will be.
  • Am forming an Accessibility Task Force that’ll help us center our WC’s mission and make visible our work on fostering access in our programming and media presence
  • Was named Chair of the IWCA Outstanding Article Award committee – fun!

I’ve had multiple articles come out this past year (check out my CV for details!), and I gave the keynote address at the 2018 Southeastern Writing Centre Symposium in Toronto, Canada last winter. I love getting to travel to new places, work with new colleagues, and enjoy collaborating with all y’all. Have me by sometime!