I think our field grows stronger the more we collaborate with one another and reach across institutional (and disciplinary) divides. Part of that process means giving from our own gifts, and serving as resources to one another.

How Does Consulting Work?

Everyone’s different, and there are no set rules. I’m happy to come to you, or to do a Skype/video session, or to work with you one-on-one to develop the plans or materials you’ll need to support your students or your writing center/learning center. My rates are incredibly flexible — in fact, they start at “free.” Talk to me about where you’re at and what you need, and we’ll see what we can do. Shoot me an email to get started!

What Can Karen Do?

Plenty of things! Need to create a vision statement for your center? I can help. Need to train your tutors in cultural competency issues? I’ve got you. Need someone to talk through how you’re organizing your hiring and payroll structures? Say no more! Need to talk to someone about how to break into publishing in rhet/comp, or how you might curate a presentation proposal for a major conference? I’m your girl. There are so many ways we can support one another’s growth as professionals in the field; let’s work together to make sure we can all succeed. I’m happy to share what I know.

Sample Topics

  • Accessibility & Writing Instruction
    • accessibile syllabi
    • accessible course construction
    • accessible assessment
    • accessible assignment design
    • writing an accessibility statement
  • Writing Center administration
    • training, hiring, payroll, structure, budgeting
    • marketing, advertisement
    • recruitment, assessment
    • training course development
    • workshop development
  • Learning Center pedagogies
    • metacognition, collaborative learning, rhetorical listening, etc.
  • LGBTQ+ trainings
    • for staff, for students, for faculty (I spent years doing this work in upstate NY! Check out my CV for info on the years I spent in the nonprofit sector)

For more information on my background in any of these topics, head on over to my CV page.